Ambidon is the platform where the owners/real estate agency/developers register and post their property listings for sale and rent. The seekers can find their ideal property in Vietnam directly by search and find information on Ambidon. Ambidon also always updates market trend news, lifestyle, expats living in Vietnam.

Ambidon encourages direct message/contact between the owner/real estate agency/developers and the seekers so that we are the only one in the market to provide fully customer support which we shall support to translate the listings which you have posted to other 2 languages to maximize in marketing for your listings. Our platform providing the 3 most popular languages (English, Japanese, Vietnamese) for seekers easily to use. Our aim is to get Ambidon more efficiency: simple posting, easy searching, direct communicating to save your time and cost.

Ambidon provides variety of pricing packages for your choices. You can see our full package offered at the link to choose your own one.

You can register your account on Ambidon and then follow our step by step guide how to post your property on Ambidon by the link for your further actions.

You can top up your money on your account page, locate the Wallet info and click in. This will show you all information about your wallet on Ambidon’s account. click on Wallet Recharge button to top up the money.

You can reach the owner/real estate agency/developer by the button “Message” at the details information of property listing which you are looking at or “show contact phone no” if the owner/real estate agency/developer has provided.

It will take maximum 8 hours for administration to review your post and approve.

For the balance amount on your wallet, we shall not refund to you in anyway. Please hold it for your next time using.

We only provide the payment through online transaction by Ambidon website

You can’t transfer your balance amount to other Ambidon’s account.

You can’t change your package when it’s on listing.

You can completely edit your property listing, only can’t change the main photo of the property listing after it is posted.